Simple Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Look Larger

By February 10, 2021Uncategorized

Bathroom TrickAre you satisfied with the way your bathroom looks? Many people wish that their bathroom was larger. A spacious bathroom certainly creates a comfortable and luxurious feeling. It’s not always practical to actually expand your existing bathroom. Fortunately, there are some actions you can take to make the bathroom look larger.

How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

1. Reduce Clutter

Having too many decorations creates a cramped feeling. If the walls are full of pictures or wall hangings, consider clearing some space. If lots of toiletries are out in the open, find a space for them in a cabinet or drawer. If you have clutter such as magazines piled up on a shelf, clear them out. Even appealing items such as plants can be excessive if you’re trying to create more space.

2. Use a Large Mirror

Mirrors are one of the most effective tools to make any room seem larger. The larger the mirror, the more dramatic the effect. It also helps to have a frameless mirror. As we noted, decor in a bathroom must be used with discretion. An oversized vanity mirror, however, is a piece that not only enhances the look of the room but also increases the feeling of spaciousness.

3. Brighten Things Up

Bright light is another factor that creates the illusion of more space. Depending on where your bathroom is situated in the house, you can make use of natural light. Clean windows to allow more light in during the day. Repair or replace window coverings such as blinds and curtains. Use stronger wattage bulbs for more light at night. Bright White bulbs between 4000K to 5000K are effective for brightening up the room.

4. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

The color and quality of your walls can affect how large the room appears. First of all, if the room hasn’t been painted in a while, a fresh coat of paint will give it a clean and spacious look. Using as much white as possible will help to create a more spacious look. If you prefer more color in the bathroom, stick to soft colors such as beige or powder blue. Avoid sharp contrasts in color, which will make space seem smaller.

5. Use a Clear Shower Enclosure

A transparent bath and shower enclosure helps to enlarge the space. A metal enclosure serves as a visible barrier that shrinks the space. If you use a shower curtain, the same principle applies. A solid color has an effect like a wall. A glass enclosure or a clear shower curtain enlarges the sense of space.

6. Install a Floating Vanity

One challenge for smaller bathrooms is having sufficient storage space while not cluttering up the room with furniture. A floating vanity, which is a cabinet attached to the wall, helps you achieve the right balance. This type of vanity gives you storage room but also some open space underneath, which creates a more open look.

It’s Not Difficult to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

These are some ways to make your bathroom look more spacious. Every detail makes a difference. If you combine several of these steps, you’ll be surprised at how much additional space your bathroom will seem to acquire.