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Custom Home Design

What is a Custom Built Home?

A custom built home is designed and constructed according to the specific preferences, wants, and needs of the homeowner. A custom design is different from box builders’ spec homes, which are built based on a set of predetermined plans and specifications. A custom home offers a wealth of personalization that tailors to individual needs. A completely custom, built from scratch, home is feasible but not always practical for everyone due to the costs involved.

Building a custom home vs buying a prebuilt home can offer many benefits to the homeowner. One of the main reasons homeowners take the custom design route is that they have the ability to choose the materials, layout and style of their new home instead of inheriting what the previous owners chose for the home.

Welcome to the world of Covenant Homes—where your future dream home takes shape and reflects your unique vision. Let’s take a moment to explore the fascinating journey of crafting a home that goes beyond the ordinary, where creativity meets functionality.

Common New Build Terminology

When you start researching custom home builds, you’ll start to encounter certain terms that you should be familiar with.

Spec Home

A spec home is often built by a developer without having a certain buyer in mind. Instead, the developer will design and construct the home based on standardized, cost saving, plans that would fit a broad market’s needs.

Standard Plan

A standard house plan is a pre-designed plan that was created with the intention of being used by multiple homeowners based on popularity of the overall design.  The benefit of utilizing a pre-designed plan is that it’s proven to simplify the building and permitting process and eliminates the need to begin completely from scratch.

Cedar Street

Semi-Custom or Custom Home

As noted, a custom built plan is designed and constructed according to the specific preferences, wants, and needs of the homeowner. The benefits are design flexibility, material selection, personalized functionality, and more. However, a semi-custom or custom home is less common due to the additional costs involved.

Our Custom Home Process


Lot Assessment

Home Selection




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How Does the Custom Design Process Work?

Schedule a Consultation

At this stage, you will discuss your vision with a custom home builder and find a solution that fits your budget and requirements


We are approved by many construction loan lenders; however, the below lenders are our preferred lenders. Feel free to reach out to them directly or contact us for more information.

Land Assessment

If you don’t already own property, we can assist you in finding the perfect homesite.

Choose a House Design

Decide whether you would like to proceed with the semi-custom or custom floorplan route.

  • Semi-Custom Route: Once you have a house floorplan template from our existing house plans, you will meet in person or via zoom with the builder to discuss your customizations. As long structural walls are not being moved, typically the semi-custom route is fairly simple!
  • Custom Plan Route: Work directly with the designer for blacklines (floor plan and elevation). You would engage and pay the designer directly for these services. Once completed, Covenant Homes would provide a proposal on the house plan.

Finalize Home Finishes

Once you have your house design in place, you will discuss with the builder exactly what specifications you would like. This includes, but is not limited to, cabinetry, flooring, countertops, appliances, bathroom finishes, interior and exterior finishes, bathroom features, electrical features and more.


Once pricing, the house plan and home specifications are finalized, a building contract would be prepared for execution. Once the building contract is signed, the final home design would proceed to engineering for finalization.


Once your customized plan has been finalized with our home and site engineers, plans are immediately submitted to permitting.

Construction Begins

Construction commences once a building permit has been approved and received.

View Our Floor Plans

The Brooke-Lynn

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The Shaina

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The Ellen

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The Deborah Lynn

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The Amaryllis

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Why Covenant Homes is the Best
Choice For Your Custom Home

Covenant Homes is one of the leading custom home builders serving Florida, North Georgia, and nearby areas. There are many reasons that home buyers choose Covenant Homes.

Our Personal Touch

We listen to your preferences and offer a level of personalization that ensures your new home reflects your individualized wants, tastes and needs. Flexibility. We understand that people have different needs. We can build on your lot or work with our real estate partners to help you find the ideal lot for your custom home.

Our Christian Faith & Values

Our Christian faith and core values are integrated into our business and everything we do.

Our Experienced & Skilled Team

We’ve worked with the same subcontractors and vendors for years. We do not believe in hiring based on “cheap costs” or “quick turnaround” time. We take pride in the relationship we’ve established with our team members.

Our Customer Service

Our clients are more than customers at Covenant Homes; they are partners in the exciting journey of building a new home. We take the time to understand your dreams and go the extra mile to ensure your experience is positive and enjoyable.

To see examples of homes our team has helped other homeowners, take a look at our gallery.

Custom Built Homes Gallery

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Turn Your Dream Home into a Reality

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