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Knockdown Rebuilds

Knockdown rebuilds are a distinct type of construction that involves knocking down existing structures and rebuilding to create a new dwelling. Knock down rebuilds may be done by new owners to sell the property, rent it out, or live in it themselves. This differs from a traditional home build, where a completely new structure is created from scratch.

Covenant Homes is a knockdown rebuild home builder that can be contracted to manage aspects of your demolition, planning application, new home design and build, and walk you through each part of the process to ensure you’re never in the dark.

Pros and Cons of Knock Down Rebuilds

A knockdown rebuild is only one option for building a home and it may not be ideal for everyone. Here are the major pros and cons of this approach.


  • Customization. Building a new property allows you to personalize everything to your preferences.
  • Cost-Effective. While every case differs, knocking down and rebuilding is often more economical than performing extensive repairs on an existing structure. Impact fees are often either waived or non-applicable, meaning that most, if not all, of the knockdown cost is covered.
  • Install Modern Features and Amenities. Knocking down an old structure lets you install the latest and most up-to-date amenities, such as the latest and most energy-efficient appliances, new plumbing and electricity, and new materials for flooring and tile.


  • Legal Requirements. Before knocking down and rebuilding, you have to secure the proper permits. Depending on the location, you need to ensure that the new structure is compliant with zoning regulations.
  • Time. A demo of the existing home or structure can take as long as a single-family home to build.

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The Knockdown Rebuild Process: Preparation

Prior to demolition and construction, several preliminary steps are necessary as outlined below.

Site Assessment. This phase begins with the initial site assessment so we can get an idea if the property is a good fit for you. We will then provide you with an estimate for the project and submit the planning application.
Minor Works Contract. This outlines the terms of the agreement. At this point, the buyer will make a payment so we can begin putting together the team that will make it all happen.
Final Planning Stage. At this stage, all members of the team will analyze factors such as walls to be torn down, soil quality, trees on the property, flood plains, fire rating, historic considerations, and any other considerations that affect the project. When all logistical, legal, and aesthetic details are worked out, the planning application is created and submitted on your behalf.
Approval. Before actual work can commence, a building permit must be submitted and approved. There may be requests to provide details of the plan. Certain adjustments might be necessary in regard to size, materials, access requirements, and siting. One the permit is approved, construction can begin.

The Construction and Handover Phases

The construction process involves several steps outlined below. 


This typically includes sitework and demolition, installation of underground plumbing, completing the foundation for the new house.

Frame Up

Installing the wall frame, structural supports, and roof frame.

Close Up

Upper roof covering, bricklaying or wall cladding, installing windows, and gas, electric, and plumbing rough-in.

Fix Out

Interior and exterior doors, architectural features, plaster boarding.


Finishing touches may include flooring and any remaining details.


The completed home is ready for the new owner.

As there are many steps and considerations with this type of construction, it helps to have an experienced builder to work with. To learn more about how we can assist you with a knockdown rebuild project, contact Covenant Homes.

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