5 Must-Do Outdoor Spring Home Maintenance Tasks

By March 9, 2017Uncategorized

Now that Spring is almost here, it’s time to start thinking about home maintenance and improvement projects. It’s nice to get started on such tasks as early as possible, so you get some momentum going. That way, by summer, your home and property can be in great shape. Let’s look at five of the most critical spring maintenance projects to tackle as the weather gets warmer.

Clean Gutters and Check Drainage

Early spring is often a time when water from heavy rains or other weather  conditions accumulates in unwanted places. Start with your gutters, which get clogged over time. Check also for loose or damaged gutters that may need repair or replacing. This is especially important if you’ve been getting lots of precipitation. Make sure you get any gunk or debris that’s lodged there. When doing this, protect your lawn and any plants or flowers in the area with a tarp. Make sure water is flowing away from your house and not pooling near your foundation.

Inspect Your Roof

It’s always a good idea to inspect your roof annually for wear and damage. Winters are often hard on roofs. Check to make sure that shingles are all in good condition. Look for areas where moisture may have crept in. Be on the lookout for algae, fungi and mold, all of which can cause serious damage if not removed. Certain types of mold also cause health problems. Be especially vigilant for wear near your pipes.

Trim Shrubs and Trees

Along with all your home maintenance projects around the house, make sure you look around your yard for any areas that need attention. A good place to start is to trim any shrubs or trees on your property. This is both for cosmetic and safety reasons. Overgrown branches, perhaps ready to snap after winter storms, can fall on top of you, family members, pets, your car, the roof or somewhere else where they can do harm. If branches are hard to reach, it’s best to call a professional tree service.

Clean and Repair Walkways

Walkways to your front and back doors should be inspected for damage. Depending on the kind of materials you have, you may need to repair or replace certain areas. Watch for algae growth or leaf stains. Do a thorough sweeping and cleaning of walkways, both for curb appeal and safety. Pressure washing is a good way to get rid of most debris.

Repair Paint and Pressure Wash the Exterior

Check for any damaged paint around the exterior of your home. Scrape away any damaged areas. Do a pressure washing to expose chips. If there are many such areas, it may be time to paint the entire exterior. At the very least, spot repair damaged areas so wood isn’t exposed.

These are some of the most vital home maintenance projects to ensure that your house and property are in great shape for the summer. Be sure to inspect all areas of your home and property and take care of any damage inflicted by winter weather.

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