10 Tips to Simplify Decorating Your Home for Christmas

By November 15, 2017Uncategorized

Hanging Christmas decorations is a fun and joyous holiday ritual for many families. Yet home decorating for the holidays can also be a hassle as you try to make everything look beautiful and avoid mishaps.

Here are 10 hacks that will simplify the holiday decorating process and make your home look amazingly festive.

A Clever Way to Hang a Wreath

A wreath is an essential part of Christmas decorating for many people. Hanging them, however, requires a hook which can spoil the look. You can, however, hang the hook on the back of the door using a ribbon or attractive piece of fabric. This way the hook won’t be visible on the front.

An Efficient Way to String Lights

If your Christmas tree is in the corner, there’s no need to hang lights around the whole tree. You only need to focus on the front of the tree, which is the only part that’s visible. If you string them in a zig-zag pattern down the tree, it will look like the whole tree is covered.

Use Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape is a good alternative to other types of tape for hanging decorations on doors or cabinets. This type of tape is specifically designed not to peel paint off walls or cause any damage when removed. Make sure to use on the inside of the door or cabinet, so the tape is hidden from view.

Use Gear Ties to Attach Garlands

Gear ties are sold for the purpose of managing cords for electronic devices. They are also useful, however, for attaching garlands to fences or railings. Choose colorful ties that complement your furnishings.

Use Binder Clips

Binder clips, which can be found at any office supply store, are an incredibly efficient way to hang outdoor lights. A box or two of these clips will make it easy to attach lights to the edge of your roof or other surfaces. These are useful for many other home decorating tasks as well.

Hang Christmas Stockings from Coat Hooks

Holiday decorating wouldn’t be complete without stockings. Coat hooks provide a simple way to hang stockings without using nails, hooks or tape, and can add fun design to your decorating.

Hang Lights with a Hot Glue Gun

Most people have a hot glue gun lying around. Hot glue is an efficient way to attach holiday lights to brick. Before doing this, make sure that you’re applying the glue to a surface that won’t be damaged. Be careful when using this application process, so that you don’t burn the wiring.

Hang Garlands from Curtain Rods

An ordinary curtain rod is a perfect place from which to hang decorative garlands and other greenery. You can attach items to the rod using wire and then hang in your home.

Use Vintage Hooks

Hanging a wreath from an antique or vintage hook adds a stylish element. This is an option that lets you proudly display the hook rather than trying to hide it from view.

Make Use of Command Hooks

Command hooks, with their sticky backs, are an efficient tool for hanging decorations neatly without visible hooks. One possibility is to use a command hook to attach a wreath to a mirror.

These are some ideas to help make Christmas decorating faster and more efficient this year. This way you’ll have more time for your holiday shopping, social events and family time.

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