How Much House Should I Build?

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When building a home, one of the first things you have to decide is how much square footage you want. You want to make sure you have enough space for your family and belongings. At the same time, you don’t want to make it bigger than it has to be. Let’s look at some of the main points to consider for deciding on how much space you need for a new home build.

Tips to Calculate Home Square Footage Needed


Benefits of Smaller and Larger Homes

The size of American homes has been steadily increasing over the years. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the size of the average home has living space per person has nearly doubled between 1973 to 2017, from 1,660 to 2,457 square feet. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to follow the trend. It’s up to make your new home build plans based on your own needs and preferences.

There are pros and cons to having more square footage in home building plans. A larger home gives you the luxury of being able to spread out. The downside is that you have to pay for the extra space. Not only does it cost more up front, but you’ll be paying more to heat and cool your home. You’ll also have to pay to furnish and decorate every room. Smaller homes, by contrast, are cheaper to build, heat and cool. The trick is to find the right balance.

Determining How Much House You Need

It’s important to consider your needs carefully before you start having your home built. Here are some factors that you should think about. The size of your family will naturally be a factor in calculating the amount of space you need. You should think long term. For example, if you’re planning to have kids in the future you’ll need additional space. If you plan to host visiting family members you may want to build extra bedrooms.

Ratio of Bedroom and Living Space

One way to calculate the total amount of square footage you need is to consider the ratio between bedrooms and living space. The number of bedrooms you have lets you calculate the total amount of square footage you’ll require. For every bedroom, you have to figure on needing space for at least two people in areas such as the living room and dining room. By adding another bedroom to your plans, this means you have to add on additional space in other parts of the house. Most home buyers may not think of this calculation.

What Kind of Amenities Do you Want?

Aside from necessities, everyone has certain preferences for amenities and luxuries. You may be willing to cut back in one area in order to afford certain features you simply can’t do without.

  • Extra Rooms. Do you want a playroom, study, guest room, home gym, home office or a room for your hobbies?
  • Closet Space. You may want extra closets or large walk-in closets.
  • Upgraded Master Bathroom. Bathroom luxuries, such as a jacuzzi tub or walk-in shower.
  • Kitchen Area. Some buyers want a large kitchen or a kitchen island.

These are some of the features that add to square footage in home building plans. If you want to scale down your budget you should consider where you’re most willing to compromise. Remember that it’s always possible to add on to your home in the future.

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