How to Save Your Plants this Winter

By December 14, 2018Uncategorized

As Autumn sets in, outdoor plants can be destroyed if you leave them outside. While some people try to protect their plants by covering them outdoors, it’s a better idea to bring them in. Many plants can be brought inside for the winter and saved from a frosty demise. Container gardens, in particular, are quite easy to move inside. Here are some tips for bringing your winter plants indoors for Florida and Georgia homeowners.

Create an Appropriate Space

Before moving your plants indoors, make sure you set up a place that’s convenient and provides the right environment. You’ll need adequate space and light as well as the right amount of humidity. You also need to consider the temperature. Avoid keeping plants near heaters or fireplaces as they do better with more constant temperatures. If your space isn’t naturally humid enough for your plants, you can buy a humidifier.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Start bringing your plants as soon as temperatures dip below 45 degrees at night. If you have tropical plants that thrive in warmer climates, bring them in even sooner.

Remove Pests

A warm indoor spot is a hospitable place for bugs as well as plants. Plants naturally attract bugs and you don’t want to bring these into your home. Many insects are harmful to plants aside from being a nuisance to you. Soaking plants in water with a bit of soap for a few minutes will kill most bugs. Don’t do this for desert plants such as cacti or succulents, as too much water can be harmful.

Bring Plants in Gradually

While it’s easier to simply take your winter plants inside all at once, this isn’t the ideal strategy. Plants are sensitive to changes and bringing outdoor plants indoors all at once is an extreme change. It’s better to make it a gradual process, bringing them inside for a few hours each day. For plants that require lots of sunlight, move them to shady spots outside before bringing them in. This gives them a chance to acclimate to the new environment.

Give Each Plant the Care It Needs

Remember to give plants the right amount of light and water based on their needs. Make sure you don’t overwater plants, especially ones that don’t require much moisture such as cacti. As a general rule, only water plants when the soil is dry. For plants that require lots of sunlight, you may need to use a growing light. You can buy growing lights that mimic genuine sunlight.

Make sure your plants survive and thrive this winter and make it until Spring. Don’t leave them outside to freeze but bring them into your home so you can enjoy them for many years to come.


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