7 Reasons to Install a Fence around Your Property

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Privacy Fence - CH Blog Post Featured Image If you don’t have a fence around your property, there are some good reasons to consider installing one.

1. Be More Secure

Security fences are one of the best ways to prevent and discourage burglars and any unwanted intruders. There are many options for fencing that enhance security. You’ll want a fence that’s high enough to make climbing over it a challenge. It should also have some type of sharp spiking or razor wire on top. It’s also best to have a fence that can be seen through, as solid fencing provides cover for intruders.

2. Keep Your Pets Safe, Keep Other Animals Out

In addition to stopping human intruders, a fence also keeps unwanted animals out of your yard. You don’t want stray dogs and larger wild animals coming near your house and possibly going into your trash or disturbing your own pets. Speaking of your own pets, a fence provides a yard where they can safely wander without escaping or bothering your neighbors.

3. Protect Outdoor Personal Property

Without a fence, anyone passing by can easily grab anything that might be in your yard or on your porch. For example, there are many “package thieves” today who will steal anything left in front of your door. A fence protects your outdoor belongings. Even if you keep the fence unlocked during the day, it will reduce visibility and discourage anyone from entering your property.

4. Enjoy More Privacy

Unless you are in a very remote area, you probably have privacy concerns. Without a fence, you’re easily visible to neighbors or people passing by. A fence is one of the simplest ways to increase your privacy.

5. Define Your Property Lines

Without a visible boundary, it can be confusing to know where your property ends and your neighbors begin. This can lead to conflicts, such as when someone removes plants or trees near the property border. A fence is a simple way to avoid such disagreements. Be sure to follow legal property boundaries when constructing your fence.

6. Make Your Home and Property More Appealing

A well-constructed fence that’s compatible with your home’s style is a visually pleasing feature. Americans have long cherished the idea of having a home with a “white picket fence.” Of course, this is just an expression and you can have an attractive fence of any color or style.

7. Add to Your Home’s Value

A fence adds value to your home. It’s an attractive feature for potential buyers in case you ever want to sell. People appreciate having a barrier that provides them with privacy, security, and a safe area for their pets to roam.

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