Natural Gas vs. Electric

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People are always looking for ways to save money on fuel bills. Whether you are buying a new home or thinking of making changes in your present home, it’s useful to know the pros and cons of different alternatives. Many people aren’t aware that natural gas is a viable form of power, not only for cooking and heating, but also for other uses, including electricity. Switching to natural gas, in fact, has many advantages.

Advantages of Natural Gas Over Electric

Natural gas is significantly cheaper than alternatives such as propane gas and electric for many common usages. Based on rates for April, 2016, for example, we can make some comparisons between electric and natural gas. Energy usage here is measured in therms, which is the equivalent of burning 100 CCF or cubic feet or natural gas.

  • Using 150 therms annually would cost an average of $555.00 using electric and only $211.50 using natural gas.
  • Using 45 therms annually for cooking would cost $166.50 using electric and only $63.45 using natural gas.
  • Heating a pook using 375 therms annually would cost $$1,387.50 using electric and only $577.50 using natural gas.
  • Using an electric tank for water heating would cost $629 per year using an electric tank and $239.70 using a gas tank or $141 using gas without a tank.

As you can see from these figures, natural gas costs less than half of the equivalent cost for using electric. There are also environmental advantages to using natural gas over other sources such as coal and oil. Natural gas releases 30 percent less carbon dioxide, a major contributor to climate change, than oil and 45 percent less than burning coal.

These are important reasons that more and more homes are now using natural gas to power their homes. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, during the period between July, 2014 and July, 2015, more homes generated electricity from natural gas than from coal. Overall, in fact, the EIA estimates that coal and natural gas power roughly the same number of homes with electricity. This is a major departure from the past, as coal was, for a long time, the dominant way to power homes.

The Popularity of Natural Gas Appliances

More and more appliances today are powered by natural gas. In some cases, the initial costs of purchasing natural gas appliances may be higher than electric alternatives. However, in the long run, the savings make it worthwhile for many homeowners. Appliances that perform tasks such as heating, drying clothes and cooking all provide an energy efficient alternative to electric appliances. One of the most popular appliances that uses instant gas is the hot water heater. The only requirement to take advantage of this is having natural gas lines installed that can be hooked up to these appliances.

Build Your Dream Home Powered by Natural Gas

If you’re thinking about building a new home, why not build it so that you can take advantage of the benefits of natural gas? Covenant Homes will work with you to build a beautiful custom home that’s designed to your specifications. We’ll also show you the many advantages of using natural gas in your home.