The Original Man Cave – Organizing the Garage

By January 26, 2017Uncategorized

If you’ve always wanted your own man cave, a personal space where you can have fun and be yourself, you already have one. The original man cave is your garage. To get the most out of your garage, however, it needs to be neat, spacious and well organized. It just takes some effort to organize garage space so you have plenty of room.

These simple garage organization tips will help you get started:

  • Hang a ceiling rack – A wooden ceiling rack is a convenient place to store bulky items that don’t fit anywhere else in the garage.
  • Install peg boards – This is a simple yet extremely effective way to give yourself extra space for small tools and household items.
  • Save space by storing bikes vertically – Get a bike rack that lets you store bikes vertically. If you have multiple bikes in your garage you can create more space by installing a vertical bike rack. You can find bike racks at Ikea and other stores, or you can build one yourself. Another solution is to hang bikes upside down from the ceiling on hooks. If you do this, make sure the hooks are securely fastened to the ceiling to avoid accidents.
  • Create a corner mudroom – To keep your garage nice and clean, build an efficient mudroom in a corner. All you need is a bench, some mats and a few wall hooks for jackets and rain gear.
  • Get a large bucket for scrap wood – Rather than have scrap wood lying all over the garage, get a large bucket or trash can for safe storage.
  • Use a shoe organizer to store spray paint cans – If your garage has dozens of spray paint cans all over the place, an essential garage organization project is to clean them up. Hang shoe organizers on the walls or behind the door and keep your spray paint in them.
  • Paint the floor – Brighten up your garage with some fresh paint. If it’s a concrete floor, paint also helps to prevent mildew. While you’re at it, paint the door and maybe the rest of the garage as well.
  • Install a wall or cubbyhole shelf – You can’t have too many shelves if you want to organize garage space efficiently. Wall shelves give you space for items such as tools, boxes, cleaning products or just about anything. Cubbyhole shelves are convenient for small items that are easily lost, such as random nails, screws, rolls of tape and small bottles of glue.
  • Place leftover paint into jars – Transfer your leftover paint into Mason jars or similar storage jars, so you can discard your old, large and mostly empty paint cans to conserve space.
  • Maximize space with a fold-up work table – Every garage needs a solid work table for your projects and hobbies. An especially efficient variety is a table that hangs from chains on the wall like a picture or mirror when not in use. When you need it, simply pull it down.
  • Organize your sports balls – A man cave wouldn’t be complete without an assortment of sports balls such as footballs, basketballs and softballs and golf balls. You don’t, however, want these rolling all over the garage so you trip over them. Store them in wire baskets attached to the wall.
  • Create a ceiling rack for fishing rods – If you love to fish, you probably have fishing rods in random places all over the garage. Either buy or build a ceiling rack to neatly store all of your rods.

For your next home improvement project, think about transforming your garage into a man cave. With some creative garage organization, you can transform even the messiest garage into a comfortable space where you can kick back and enjoy your favorite activities.

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