How to Create Curb Appeal in 10 Easy Steps

By February 16, 2017Uncategorized

Improving curb appeal is crucial if you want to sell your home or increase its value. It also helps you feel prouder of your home and property. Fortunately, there are quite a few simple upgrades that will give your home more curb appeal without spending a fortune.

Here are the top 10 recommendations to improve curb appeal:

1. Paint your front door, trim and shutters – These are simple home updates that make a big difference. People approaching your home and passing by see these features immediately. Painting your door, shutters and trim are a lot less expensive than replacing them yet give them a fresh new look. All you need for this project is a can of exterior paint.

2. Upgrade your mailbox – You probably take your mailbox for granted but an old one can be a real eyesore. This is another item that’s probably seen by hundreds of people every day if you live on a busy street. Find a nice new mailbox that matches your tastes and decor.

3. New house numbers – Are the numbers on your front porch that indicate your address faded? Replace them to improve the look of your porch and make it easier for delivery and service people to find your home.

4. Plant a tree – Nothing beautifies property more than trees. They also provide shade and privacy. Choose species of tree that is hardy, low maintenance and grow easily in your climate. Planting a tree is one of those home upgrades that will last for generations.

5. Replace outdoor lighting – Having bright lights helps to make your home safer for you and your guests while discouraging intruders. You can choose modern or vintage styles, based on the age and style of your home.

6. Install flower boxes – Flowers add instant color, aroma and beauty to the area around your house. You can either purchase flower boxes or make it a simple DIY project. Before choosing your flowers, do some research on the kind of maintenance they require for your region.

7. Add a stylish door knocker – A door knocker is an affordable way to express your aesthetic preferences. You can choose among many styles and themes. An antique brass door knocker, for example, is an elegant addition to an older house.

8. Install a tile entry – If you have a plain concrete entryway, why not upgrade it by adding some attractive tiles? There are many styles to choose from, including faux tiles made from concrete or genuine slate tiles. This home improvement project will instantly spruce up your entryway.

9. Add plants to your front porch – Plants give your front porch a natural and warm look. You can place plants almost anywhere, such as on stairs, hanging from hooks or sitting in planters on the floor of the porch.

10. Create a garden around a tree – Placing flower beds or planters around a tree is an attractive effect that’s not difficult to create. When doing this, however, make sure you do it in a way that doesn’t harm the tree. Keep soil and mulch away from the tree trunk, as these gradually cause harm to the tree.

These simple and affordable home upgrades will help you get ready for Spring and give your home the kind of curb appeal that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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