Design Your Dream Backyard: GA Edition

By September 13, 2019Featured

Design Your Dream BackyardDesign Your Dream Backyard

If you’re fortunate enough to have a home in Georgia, you probably enjoy the time you get to spend in your backyard. Georgia offers beautiful temperatures year-round and allows your backyard to be the ultimate outdoor entertaining space. However, many homeowners don’t actually make the best use of their backyards. With a little effort, you could easily transform your own yard into an amazing retreat for relaxing and entertaining.


Flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs all make a big difference to your yard’s appearance. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Brighten your yard with blooming flowers. Blossoming flowers, especially perennials, fill your yard with color and fragrance. Some good choices include balloon flowers, bugleweed, Chinese snowball and Hellebore.
  • Use planters and baskets. You can decorate your entire yard with appealing plants and flowers by creatively placing planters and hanging baskets at strategic locations.
  • Decorate fences with rambling vines. Vines such as clematis give your fencing a wild and welcoming look that you can appreciate from your yard as well as from the outside.
  • Put in an edible garden. Planting vegetables and herbs beauties your yard and also gives you a source of delicious and nutritious items to pick from.


To make your garden comfortable and homey, you need to provide adequate and cozy seating for everyone. Choose outdoor furniture with care. Always sit down and test it for comfort before buying an item. Choose furniture that’s sturdy and easy to maintain. All-weather materials such as aluminum, wrought iron, resin wicker and quality woods are recommended for maximum longevity. Outdoor seating can be enhanced by adding a feature such as a gazebo, pergola or patio.

Consider Elevation and Slopes

A sloping backyard can affect comfort if you don’t address it. You could add a deck to offset sloping. If your yard has an extreme slope you might consider flattening it out. If you do this yourself, be sure to check with utility companies to check for safety issues before you do any digging. On the other hand, with creative landscaping, and features such as stairs and railings, you can transform a sloping yard into an asset. Be sure to consider the placement of your grill or fire pit in relation to any slopes. The bottom of a slope is a good place for a fire pit.

Decor and Lighting

Landscaping and attractive outdoor furniture help to make your yard appealing. You can make it even more enticing with some well-chosen decor. A fountain is always an eye-catching centerpiece, especially for larger yards. Garden sculptures and statues can add character to your yard as well.

Outdoor lighting is another factor that can really transform your backyard. The best effect is often achieved by combining several types of lighting. For example, you can use floodlights to brighten the entire yard, spotlights to highlight specific areas and path lights for walkways. Colored lights can provide an appealing effect as well. Experiment with lighting so that it enhances all of your yard’s best features.

Consider Your Backyard a Work in Progress

Your backyard can be one of the best features of your Georgia home. Keep looking for ways to make it more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Even small additions such as a new type of plant or flower, a well-placed piece of lawn furniture or a new lighting arrangement can make a big difference.

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