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inviting guests in your homeWhen designing a home, people naturally think first of their own needs. However, if you like to entertain, you should also consider how appealing your home is to guests. It’s a great feeling to know that your home is a place where people enjoy gathering.

Why It’s Important to Make Your Home Inviting

There are many reasons to make your home as welcoming to guests as possible. You may enjoy having parties at your home, such as birthday parties, holiday parties, book club gatherings or any other type of party. You may have a lot of extended family members who are likely to visit over for holidays. It’s also nice to be able to invite new friends and casual acquaintances over for coffee or another type of gathering. 

How to Make Your Home Welcoming for Guests

Here are some guidelines to help you make your home a welcoming place for your guests.

1. Make the Entrance Memorable

It’s important to give guests a good first impression of your home. This includes the front door, porch, landscaping, and any other elements people encounter as they enter your space.

  • Paint the front door
  • Install an attractive porch light
  • Keep the porch free of clutter
  • Create a comfortable entryway with a mud room, coat rack, bench for removing shoes, or a console table.

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2. Guest Room Decor

A guest room should feel like a temporary home away from home for your guests. Provide sufficient storage space. A nightstand is always convenient. If you use the room for storage, be sure to clear it out before guests arrive. Provide cozy home effects such as soft bedding, extra towels, and plenty of pillows.

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3. Making the Kitchen and Dining Area Welcoming

It’s especially important to make areas where people dine as inviting as possible. Here are a few examples of how you can do that. 

  • Provide comfortable seating. A large and uncluttered dining table surrounded by comfortable chairs will make people feel right at home. Flowers in a vase are a nice addition as well.
  • Use warm lighting. During the day, make the most of natural light.
  • Keep your kitchen stocked with items your guests will enjoy. In addition to coffee and tea, be sure to stock milk, milk substitutes, and a variety of sweeteners. Other inviting treats include a bowl of fruit, cookies and crackers, and mixed nuts.

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4. Living Room and Other Common Areas

When it comes to the living room and other common areas where people congregate for socializing, every detail is important. Here are a few ways you can make these areas more comfortable for guests. 

  • Add plush carpet or an area rug
  • Make sure there’s sufficient light. Spot lighting that highlights specific features such as artwork or a notable piece of furniture is also good.
  • Add plants and flowers
  • Install attractive wall hangings
  • Have magazines, books, and board games within easy reach
  • Add soft cushions and throw blankets on sofas and couches.

Covenant Homes Helps You Create a Welcoming Home

When you have a new custom home built, you can choose every detail and have everything exactly the way you want it. Covenant Homes is the ideal partner to help you design your dream home that all your friends and family will love visiting. Here are some reasons so many homeowners choose Covenant Homes.

  • A customized approach. Our personalized service ensures that every aspect of your home matches your vision.
  • We help you find the ideal location for your home. We can either build on a lot you already own or work with our Realtor partners to help you find one.
  • Special touches and unique design elements. We offer distinctive home design elements that set them apart.
  • We are a faith-based business. Our Christian values are integrated into everything we do.

Covenant Homes is a premier custom home builder in Florida and Georgia. We work with homeowners and families every step of the way to be sure they see their dream home come to life. To learn how we can help you design and build your dream home, contact Covenant Homes.

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