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Furnishing a new home is an experience that’s both exciting and challenging. You want to choose items that you’ll be happy with for many years. The following are some important tips to keep in mind to help you identify the style and pieces that are just right for your home.

Look For Inspiration

You may already have a mental picture of how you want your home to look. However, it’s also good to open your mind and consider as many options as possible.

  • Print and online furniture catalogs
  • Design and architectural magazines and websites
  • Pinterest has lots of great pages dedicated to interior design
  • Pay attention to the furniture and styles of every home you visit. Try to pinpoint what you like and don’t like.

Consider What You Already Own

You don’t necessarily have to start from scratch. You may want to keep some of the furniture you already own. This depends on how you feel about your current inventory and how well it matches the style of your new home. Some people like to start with a clean slate, while others like to bring their favorite pieces with them when they move.

Start With the Most Important Pieces

Most homeowners have a limited budget for furniture, making it essential to prioritize your purchases. The living room, dining room and bedrooms are the rooms that generally come first. However, the best strategy is to focus on the most important items, no matter which room they are in. A sofa, bed, dining room table, dressers, and chairs are some examples.

Don’t Buy Everything Right Away

As long as you have the essentials, you don’t have to furnish your entire home at once. Accumulating items gradually is a more relaxing and affordable way to go about it. This also gives you a chance to rethink your preferences and incorporate any changes in your decorating plans.

Get Busy With Your Tape Measure

You don’t want to order furniture and find out it’s not the appropriate size for the room. Take the time to measure rooms, doorways, floor to ceiling, and any other important measurements. Beyond items fitting in a room, you want everything to be proportionate. For example, a huge bed will take up most of the space in a small bedroom.

Consider Quality Used Items

Don’t feel compelled to buy everything brand new. You can find quality secondhand pieces at thrift shops, yard sales, auctions, and sites such as Craigslist. You can save a great deal of money by buying costly items such as sofas, desks, armchairs, and other items secondhand.

Pay Attention to Color

Color has a dramatic effect on any room. Apart from function, size, and style, make sure you consider how the color of each piece fits with everything else, such as walls, flooring, art, and accessories. Colors don’t necessarily have to match perfectly. In some cases, contrasts can be appealing.

Furnish in Your Own Style

You can find many sources of inspiration for furnishing a home. In the final analysis, however, you have to decide what works best for you. You need to consider your budget, lifestyle, and the overall style of your home. Make the process fun and don’t turn it into an ordeal. Make sure you stay true to your own vision of how you want your home to look.

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