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A well-organized pantry is one of the secrets to maintaining a neat and efficient kitchen. It’s a handy place to store all kinds of supplies and implements. However, it can be challenging to organize pantry items. If you don’t give it sufficient thought, it can turn into a catchall place to put random items. 

Let’s look at some small kitchen pantry organization tips.

Make Use of Stackable Containers

Using flat containers that can easily be stacked is a great space-saving technique. Use these containers to store items you’re keeping long-term, such as grains, nuts, raw beans, dried fruits, and other foods.

Label Bins and Containers

Without labels, you can lose track of which items are in which bins. If you’re using containers that aren’t see-through such as metal canisters, it’s even trickier. Get in the habit of sticking a label on everything. A label maker will make the process simple so you don’t have to create makeshift labels.

Hang Heavy Items From a Pegboard

When strategizing on how to organize pantry items, consider that some objects can be hung rather than stacked. Pots, pans, cutting boards, and other heavy items can take up lots of space in a drawer, on a shelf, or on your counters. A pegboard is an efficient way to keep them out of the way and easy to access. You can also add hooks for implements such as tongs, cooking spoons, can openers, and other random items.

Organize Cans With a Can Corral

A large collection of canned goods can make pantry organization more challenging. Cans in the back of a shelf are easily forgotten. A can corral is a clever rack that makes it easy to manage your cans. They let you store cans horizontally so it’s easy to see what you have.

Create a Pull-out Pantry

If you’re short on space, you may not have sufficient closet or cabinet space for a pantry. One solution is to install a sliding pull-out pantry wherever you can find the space, such as between the refrigerator and the wall. This creates storage space that is out of the way when you’re not accessing it.

Install U-Shaped Shelves

If you want to be able to improve visibility in your pantry, U-shaped, also known as horseshoe shelves can work well. These are floating shelves that make it easier to see and reach for anything you may need. The U shape also tends to give the illusion of more space.

Use Clear Bins and Containers

We already mentioned the advantage of labeling. However, even with labels, it’s easier to keep track of things in clear bins and containers. Glass and clear plastic containers also create a clean and streamlined look.

Make Use of Storage You Already Have

Before investing in new storage containers or other creative storage solutions, inspect your home and see what you might have. Baskets, magazine holders, wooden boxes, craft organizers, and almost any type of bin not used for another purpose can be helpful for storing kitchen items.

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