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Golf carts can be more than just a way to get around the golf course. In some neighborhoods, they can be a viable form of transportation for short distances. However, you have the issue of where to park your golf cart at home. Can you keep it outdoors or must it remain in a garage? Let’s explore the possibilities for safely and conveniently storing your golf cart.

Multiple Ways to Store Your Golf Cart at Home

How to Store Outside

If you have a garage with sufficient space to fit your golf cart, this is ideal. However, not everyone is able to do this. You may not have a garage or your garage may be full with your car or other items you have stored there. 

A carport is a convenient place to store your golf cart and protect it from the elements. If you don’t already have a carport, it’s not difficult to build one or have one installed by a contractor. You can find carport or shelter kits that will work for this purpose. 

The nice thing about a golf cart is that it’s a very compact vehicle, so you won’t need a very large carport at your home. However, as long as you are building a new structure, you may want to include some extra space. Then you’ll have a convenient place to store golf equipment or any other items. When building a carport, be sure to place it in a strategic place. It should be as close to your front door as possible and not in the way of any other vehicles that need to enter and leave your property. 

How to Store Inside

Assuming you don’t have a garage where you can store your golf cart, you could build a new, small garage or a shed on your property. A shed is a simple and economical solution for keeping your golf cart indoors. A shed that’s 12 x 12, 12 x 20, or a similar size is large enough to accommodate a golf cart. You may want to make it large enough for additional storage. This type of shed is also great for storing bicycles, motorbikes, exercise equipment, or anything else you need space for. 

The main difference between a golf cart shed and an ordinary shed is that you need to be able to easily move the vehicle in and out. A shed without a door makes this simple. However, for more protection, you can have a small garage-like door that moves up and down. In this case, you are essentially building a small garage.

Golf Cart Efficiency Tips

A golf cart itself is a convenient place for storage as well as transporting items. There are a few ways to make this compact vehicle even more efficient. 

  • Under-Seat Trays. A tray under the seat is perfect to store small items. 
  • Side Baskets. Just as bicycles and motorcycles make use of side baskets, so can golf carts. This makes it easy to transport groceries and other items.
  • Trunk. Building a trunk turns your golf cart into a small car with its own covered storage area. 

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