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What Should I Put in My Laundry Room?

Your laundry room should be a convenient and efficient area to clean and organize your laundry. Too often, however, it becomes cluttered with piles of clothes and even random items that might get stashed there.

If you’re concerned about home organization, it’s a good idea to put aside an hour or two for laundry room organization. The following are some ideas to help you make the most of this area, so it serves your purposes.

Six Tips to Save Space

Laundry rooms can get filled up quickly, so you want to conserve space as much as possible. There are a few ways to do this.

Clean Up and Declutter

If your laundry room is typical, it has many items that have nothing to do with cleaning your clothes. Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, whether it’s a pile of old newspapers, your kid’s toys or tools that belong in the garage. You can also throw out empty containers of detergent, broken hangers or other random clutter.

Hang Your Ironing Board

Hang it from a hook or build a dedicated space for it. A shelf or drawer made especially for an ironing board is a great space-saver.

Create Storage Areas

Adding cabinets above the washer and dryer provides a convenient space for items such as detergent, bleach, fabric softener and more.

Other Storage Ideas

Another possibility is to build a rack on the door to the laundry room to hold these cleaning items, as well as, other household cleaning items.

Get a Folding Drying Rack

A tall drying rack that folds up lets you hang clothes to dry. When not in use, you can fold it up and keep it out of the way.

Build or Buy a Slim Cart

If you don’t have a lot of extra room for storage, a slim cart that you can store between the washer and dryer might be a good idea. This provides you with additional storage space and also prevents items such as stray socks from falling into this space. It pulls out for easy access and allows you to make use of the wasted space.

Organize Your Clothes

One of the basic principles of laundry room organization is to separate clothes into categories so you know exactly where everything goes.

Place a Hamper in Everyone’s Room

Providing each room with its own hamper will help prevent laundry from piling up in the laundry room.

Have Separate Bins

Rather than having a single bin for all types of laundry, have a different one for each category. You can sort by color as well as by fabric. For example, you might have two bins, one for whites and another for colors. Then you can further sort by fabric or the setting you’ll use such as delicate vs. normal.

Hang Up a Laundry Sorting Chart

You can remind everyone which items go together and the proper temperatures.

Keep Items for Dry Cleaning Separate

Some items are not meant to be machine-washed at all and need to be dry cleaned. In order to avoid confusion, keep these in a separate room.

Educate Your Family

If your spouse or kids simply throw all laundry into one big pile, teach them to separate items. The basic rule is that if someone is capable of reading a label or the helpful chart you’ve hung on the wall, they should know the proper place for each item!

Giving proper attention to home organization helps makes life more comfortable for your whole family and helps to reduce stress and disorder. Make sure you don’t overlook your laundry room when cleaning up and decluttering your home. The above tips will help you keep this area well organized and make it easier to keep everyone’s clothes cleaner and in the best possible condition.

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